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My Goal is to provide you with a beautiful handmade knife to suit your every day needs.  I make every knife by hand from start to finish. They are made with high carbon steel to give a very sharp edge, yet still being easy to sharpen.  The steel will form a nice patina over time, to give it that beautiful handmade look.  The handles are made from stabilized hard woods.  Some wood is harvested locally from northern California, and the more exotic woods are scraps from local wood workers.  The sheaths are also made by me, and are custom molded to each knife.  

My knives are designed to carry around and do what ever you might need them to: from opening a package or envelope to cutting bread and cheese for a nice picnic. They can even be used as a paring knife in the kitchen, or to skin a deer.  I carry mine on every anventure I go on, and it never leaves my side.


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